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Mr 28

The age of the guy I hooked up with most recently.

Back in the October air, I had a bit of free time so I went for a walk to the cruising ground. It was pretty quiet that lunch, I think I saw one or two other people. After a bit of walking I settled on a cliff looking out over the beach.

One of the few guys there then walked up and started talking to me.

“Nice day isn’t it?”

The third thing he said I found hilarious after but I was too horned up at the time to care.

"Fancy some cock fun?"

I mean really? Cock fun? He could have got a bit closer and done the subtle “move a bit closer, look down at my crotch, rubbed his and asked if I wanted to find somewhere quiet” but no. Cock fun.

I said sure and he led the way to a bit of the cliffs with bushes either side. You probably wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t know where it was. As he led I checked him out and he wasn’t that bad: husky voice, in shape but not muscled, a bit hairy, decent ass. He wasn’t porn star material but it was better then the normal grey haired guys in their early 50s.

When we got to the little hidden spot, he put down this carrier bag he had with a towel in it and off we went.

It started with the unsure rubbing of each others crotches. Then he took the first move and began to unbutton my fly. I laughed when he couldn’t undo the buttons and I had to help him. With my cock in his hand, I unbuttoned his jeans and was fairly surprised.

Knowing my luck, I expected such a nice looking guy to be tiny but he wasn’t bad. He was about 5-6 inches uncut and was pretty thick at the base. Still better than the first guy I had, Mr was only hard when I was playing with his nipples.

Anyway, the following ten minutes played out as thus: we jerked each other for a bit, I got on my knees and sucked him off while I rubbed his hole and we swapped. I’m pretty sure I spent more time sucking him off then he did me.

After 2-3 minutes of him bobbing down on my meat, I was about ready to blow my load but then he stopped sucking me and asked if I liked rimming. I lied and said I hadn’t tried it before. So over he went and back down on my knees I went. I was quite rusty and pretty bad. I still don’t see the attraction of rimming. The guy wasn’t very clean down their either so I gave it my best but after a couple of minutes I gave up.

Neither of us had blown yet, no thanks to him, so he told me to bend over and start fingering myself. I was really looking forward to a good fuck as it’d been about a year before that I had my last one. For 2 minutes, I was bent over, looking at my shoes, going between licking my fingers and rubbing 2 against my hairy hole. God I was tight. During the time, the guy had been jacking himself while watching and then at the last second, rolled on the condom.

I thought my first time hurt. I was wrong. That hurt. I’m probably a pussy for say that but it honest to God hurt lick a bitch. He tried to push in a couple of times forcefully but my hole was clenched tight. I took his hand, let myself relax and in it went.

Like every other thing we did, fucking lasted 2 minutes, 3 at most. Just as it seemed he was getting into a groove and quickened up from an elderly mans pace, he pulled out, off came the rubber and he spunked on my ass. If he gave me time to turn round, I was gonna take it in my mouth but after he said he was “sensitive.”

15 minutes, one thanks for that, one handshake, and a short walk later, my jeans were around my ankles again. The guy hadn’t thought “hmm, kids still boned, I’ll blow him to repay the debt.” At least most of the jizz on my ass was still there so I spent a good 5 minutes sucking the cum from my fingers and wanking onto a tree in a close by wooded area.

And that’s the tale off deep voiced 28.